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About Sopris Systems

We’re widely considered the leader in enterprise solutions for projects and field services companies.

Dynamics Partner specializing in Services Sector

A Single-Minded Customer Focus

Sopris Systems is a leader in enterprise business solutions for project and field service-based industries and an award-winning Microsoft Dynamics partner.  We are a team of pragmatists and entrepreneurs with a single-minded focus: Helping our customers improve productivity, profitability and customer loyalty.

Sometimes referred to as a boutique, although not small, we are agile by design. Our executives work directly with our clients and have strategic oversight into every project. We value industry standardization—it ensures predictable outcomes and the shortest time-to-value for our clients.

Within our industry, we are often referred to as ‘pioneers’ and ‘specialists.’ Pioneers because we were among the first to work with the Microsoft Dynamics platform. Specialists because we routinely take on and deliver challenging projects, often replacing Oracle and SAP while beating out larger Microsoft global system integrators.

We believe technical proficiency is table stakes and that differentiated value is delivered through deep industry expertise and business acumen gained only through experience. We’re discriminating about the projects we take on and the companies we work with. If we are not absolutely certain we can transform your business performance, we quickly recommend others who are better suited for the project.

A Unique Approach

We formally evaluate every new engagement to understand where an organization is at in their growth cycle. Particular areas we like to assess are strategic priorities, organizational maturity, growth strategy, and potential areas of risk. This formula has a high success factor in determining if we can help an organization achieve performance excellence and whether a partnership makes business sense.

To ensure implementation success and reduce risk, Sopris has developed a best-practice implementation methodology called Sopris Assurance®. Sopris Assurance® is a hybrid project management methodology that combines the best-of-breed elements from Microsoft’s own Sure Step methodology along with Agile and Lean/Six Sigma principles.

While Sopris Assurance® is a significant method in ensuring implementation quality, it is the industry, technical, and business expertise of our employees that are the key differentiating component of our successful implementation history as a Dynamics 365 partner.

These attributes are what allow us to deliver a level of specialization that is uniquely Sopris Systems.

Why are we a Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner?

Sopris is a global Gold-certified Microsoft Dynamics partner and well-known for our expertise with Microsoft Dynamics 365, AX, Dynamics CRM, SharePoint and Azure cloud services. We’ve invested heavily in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite of solutions because it provides our team with an extremely versatile, cost-effective and scalable cloud platform for project and field-services companies. We’ve received a number of awards from Microsoft, including Inner Circle in 2017 and United States Microsoft Dynamics Professional Services Partner of the Year in 2013.

For more information on how Sopris can help your business take on the challenge of digital transformation, call or email us today.

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