Microsoft Corp. is supercharging the Dynamics AX platform in ways that get Service Industries partners like Sopris Systems energized and excited.

First there was the mammoth $26 billion acquisition of LinkedIn to integrate the #1 professional social network with the cloud-based power Microsoft delivers with Dynamics AX for enterprise resource planning (ERP), Dynamics CRM for customer relationship management, and additional capabilities throughout the enterprise.

The other shoe dropped at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto. Posting not coincidentally on LinkedIn, CEO Satya Nadella says Microsoft is now two years into an effort “to reinvent productivity and business processes.”

“Digital transformation,” he writes, “requires systems of intelligence that are tailored to each industry, each company, each micro-task performed by each person. Systems that can learn, expand and evolve with agility as the world and business changes.”

The latest linchpin to fall into place is Dynamics 365. In essence, Dynamics 365 is designed to break down the walls between people and processes.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 will:

  • Integrate Microsoft Office 365 with Dynamics AX.
  • Introduce a customer-centric business model to build what customers want and buy just the capabilities you need.
  • Ensure all roles have access to all the data they need to be successful in their jobs.
  • Help organizations move from monolithic application suites to purposeful SaaS applications with intelligence built-in.

Devices, Data, Intelligence, Connectivity

Consider the Dynamics 365 announcement in a nascent world “where devices, data, intelligence and connectivity can be everywhere.” And then think of the opportunity we at Sopris can see globally across all manner of services industries and business processes.

As the Microsoft CEO wrote on LinkedIn:

“Business leaders, imagine a world where your employees are empowered with predictive insights, prescriptive advice and actionable next steps.

“IT professionals, imagine a world where you can quickly build and deploy what you want and pay for just the capabilities you need.

“Developers and ISVs, imagine a world where you can build systems of intelligence to transform business for every company of every size in every industry.

“Partners, imagine a world where your SaaS apps can be easily discovered by millions of customers and other partners.

“Digital workers, imagine a world where you can respond to a customer request or re-plan production as easily as you can find a new restaurant or book a ride. It’s here.”

At Sopris, we’re not only happy Dynamics 365 is here but jazzed by the opportunity to bring our customers to a whole new level of success based on Microsoft Dynamics AX capabilities that just keep getting better.