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Project-based organizations focused on the Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Professional Services space often have unique requirements related to field services performed at the project site.

To meet these demands, GeoSpec Mobile Field Management empowers your team to maximize efficiencies, manage performance, and improve data accuracy. With GeoSpec Mobile Field Management Solution, you can streamline planning, tracking, data collection, and decision-making at the office and in the field.

Real-Time Information Gives You a Competitive Advantage

  • Role-tailored reports, alerts, and customized performance scorecards. Ensure that work orders and projects stay on track with Role Centers that present relevant tasks and information in personalized views so employees work smarter and faster.
  • Enhanced Customer Service. Optimize resource use with automated planning for work orders; run utilization reports; analyze actual versus budget figures; and track response times to understand performance and achieve better profitably.
  • Improved operational efficiency.  A comprehensive view of your field operations for faster decision making, improved customer service and increased profitability, Save time and reduce errors with integrated processing that minimizes data entry and helps ensure the availability of accurate, real-time information across your business, including:
    • Easy tracking of open work order requests and automatic alerts for approvals
    • Auto-scheduling of work orders and tasks pushed to your technician’s device, allowing real time scheduling
    • Capture a customer’s signature on a field report via an electronic sign-off, eliminating the need for paper-based processes.
  • Real-Time Testing and Inspecting. Results and observations are entered in the field and uploaded immediately to the project record, ready for reporting. Real-time pass/ fail results in the field with automatic scheduling for retest.

Microsoft Technologies Provide a Proven, Scalable Foundation
Using familiar Microsoft technology, GeoSpec makes a new implementation easy. From MS SQL Server and SharePoint, to the family of Microsoft office products, Microsoft technology is utilized throughout GeoSpec. Proven technology and user familiarity make GeoSpec a winning combination.