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Rapid Implementation

Our technical proficiency is outstanding, but it’s our industry and business acumen that set us apart.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for energy and utilities companies

Sopris Velocity

When deploying ERP and CRM systems in the service industries, time is truly money. Whether on-boarding a new acquisition, connecting field service operations, or launching a new line of business, rapidly deploying business applications can provide competitive advantages and drastically improve your return on investment.

To help our customers reach these results in the most efficient, predictable, cost-effective way possible, Sopris teams have developed Sopris Velocity, a deployment methodology that draws on a wealth of project and technical experience to provide a successful Dynamics 365 Rapid Implementation. Sopris Velocity provides organizations a reliable and predictable implementation model to rapidly deploy business applications so they can realize value faster.  Utilizing our Velocity approach combined with the Dynamics 365 Fast-Track process, customers achieve predictable outcomes:

Save Time to Reduce Costs

  • Utilizes Agile methodology to rapidly configure, test, train, and deploy solutions.
  • Avoids reinventing the wheel by simply activating preconfigured industry templates.
  • Leverages importer tools to compress the data conversion process.

Accelerate Knowledge Transfer

  • Validates requirements quickly and helps on-board users with iterative configuration.
  • Reduces training time significantly by utilizing a self-service knowledge base.
  • Allows users to balance daily work tasks with weekly training workshops through Agile training sprints.

Improve Implementation Predictability

  • Provides a specialized Sopris Velocity Team to deliver best-practice processes.
  • Streamlines the governance model to efficiently make decisions and manage risk.
  • Utilizes a project portal to automate project management and deliver real-time status monitoring.
ERP and CRM process planning

Streamlined Processes Make Happy Members

United Teachers of Los Angeles now sees a 360-degree view of member information.

Rapid Implementation Dynamics 365 | Sopris Velocity

For more information on the Sopris Velocity rapid implementation methodology and how we can accelerate your deployment, email us today.

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