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Engage Customers with Intelligent Insights

Our technical proficiency is outstanding, but it’s our industry and business acumen that set us apart.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 for energy and utilities companies
Understanding customers to better engage with them requires intelligent insights collected from across the entire business. Sopris Systems helps businesses in the energy, field service, specialty contractor and professional service sectors take on this challenge.


We do this by designing, deploying and supporting Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions that enable businesses to transform their data into timely and relevant information:


  • Understand customers better with a 360-degree view of the customer journey that reveals interactions so internal teams can make inferences and anticipate customer needs.
  • Predict business outcomes by generating data-driven predictions such as customer attrition, sales conversion, and sales forecasts.
  • Find the right audience to create more effective marketing and sales campaigns through granular customer segmentation based on known and predicted customer journeys.


With business intelligence capabilities like these—unleashed by the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the expertise of Sopris—your business can connect data. You can then use that contextual information and artificial intelligence to match customers with previously-ambiguous activities and profiles.


This single view of customer activity across multiple communication channels gives your internal teams instant access to all communications. Gaining this capability allows you to present unified services to each customer—every department knows what other departments have communicated.

Microsoft Dynamics for Energy and Utilities Companies


Keeping ERP Clean—On the Cloud

With the help of Sopris Systems, this renewable energy producer created a simple, singular, cloud-based platform to integrate all of its global enterprises.

Business Intelligence Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Power BI

Business intelligence like never before

Go from data to insights in minutes with Power BI. Any data, any way, anywhere. And all in one view.

  • Deliver insights throughout your organization
  • Connect to hundreds of data sources, simplify data prep, and drive ad hoc analysis
  • Scale across the enterprise, with governance and security built-in

BI 360

The Complete Business Intelligence Suite

Complete Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution with financial reporting & consolidations, budgeting & forecasting, and dashboard modules.

The BI360 suite also offers a data warehouse to combine your data sources and to empower all business users with self-service analytics critical to fast and efficient decision-making.

BI360 CPM for Microsoft Dynamics 365

For more information about how Sopris business intelligence solutions can improve your business insights, email us today.

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