A few weeks ago, I was interviewed by John Gregerson with BuiltWorlds and we spent an hour discussing how customer expectations of project-centric and field services companies are driving massive changes in the software world. We spoke about the modernization of Microsoft Dynamics to Microsoft Dynamics 365, the cloud and digital transformation, but we mostly talked about customer expectations and their desire for improvements to business analytics. The specific challenges in the spotlight today are really not that much different than challenges we’ve always dealt with.

BuiltWorlds interview with Matt Pfohl discussing customer expectations towards project-centric systems

  • Project oversight
  • Financial accountability within projects
  • Resource Management
  • Client communications
  • Integration of data
  • Better analytics and reporting
  • Reducing risk
  • Empowering team members, mobility
  • Providing a unique, positive customer experience

The difference between 2017 and 2007 is that complete transparency and efficiency are more “table stakes”. Integration of systems, advanced analytics and mobile access are foundational, not aspirational. We’re seeing technologies like Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Azure that are evolving quickly to address these changing requirements and to outpace their competitors.


Are programs that promote project oversight, integration and transparency throughout the project’s lifecycle gaining more traction in the marketplace?

“Yes. It’s a matter of getting the right systems in place at the right time to promote collaboration among architect, engineer, and contractor and provide the owner with greater transparency throughout project delivery. One area of particular importance is risk — availability of software systems that allow project team members to identify and get ahead of financial or project risks, so the owner can make informed decisions before problems occur and, as a result, avoid potential cost overruns. Situations such as those are driving greater demand for easy access to accurate intelligence in formats tailored to the organization.”

Digital Transformation Message Echoed at Microsoft Inspire 2017

Digital transformation is clearly not a phenomena limited to the world of builders and other project-based companies. Microsoft held their annual partner conference this past week, Microsoft Inspire 2017 (previously called WPC – Worldwide Partner Conference). There were more than 15,000 software pros in attendance and the topic of conversation was clearly around digital transformation.

Digital transformation is about companies evolving the way they do business to compete in an increasingly digital world. Customers, employees and other stakeholders expect software systems to be available everywhere, simple to use and less expensive. Most importantly, they want to make better decisions and build stronger relationships.

BuiltWorlds Article

Read the entire article here and let me know if this hits home for you.

Matt Pfohl
Executive Vice President, Sopris Systems