The integration of Microsoft Dynamics AX enterprise resource planning (ERP) and Dynamics CRM customer relationship management (CRM) brings a new level of power to the Dynamics 365 cloud bundle. But what does that mean for Sopris Systems’s Dynamics customers?

A compelling answer comes via the Surviving CRM blog by Jukka Niiranen, a CRM consultant.

“As presented by many of the tech news sites,” Niiranen writes, “essentially Dynamics 365 is about taking the previous Dynamics CRM & ERP products and bundling them into a single cloud service.”

The key words there are “cloud” and “service”—we believe they are now inseparable—and that emphasis is reiterated by Surviving CRM. Equally important for implementation is the emphasis on the cloud bundle for services firms.

“In reality,” Niiranen writes, “it rarely is about the servers or even the server application bits. It’s about services: how they can be consumed and how information flows between them.”

That’s a key insight: i.e., the shift Dynamics 365 will bring to firms based on services. Another point of emphasis, according to the blog, is the end-to-end visibility these services provide to users. Instead of the real possibility of incompatible CRM and ERP systems where silos prevail, a Dynamics 365 cloud bundle with a services firm presupposes widespread accessibility for users throughout the enterprise.

In fact, as Surviving CRM points out, the Enterprise Edition has a “Dynamics 365 for Team Members” that walks users through every application with regards to silo issues.

According to the official Microsoft blog, business processes (from Dynamics 365) and office productivity (from Office 365) will provide “standardization and consistency of schema [that] enables partners to build innovative applications and to automate business processes spanning the entire business process spectrum with confidence their solutions can be easily deployed and used across Microsoft’s entire customer base.”

We at Sopris consider that very good news indeed: as a Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP and CRM partner, we look forward to working with all of our clients—including services firms—to implement an integrated set of capabilities that can only help bring the potential of the cloud to life within the enterprise.