Microsoft Corp. says there are 8 million paid Dynamics AX seats in the world, but any one of those customers could be excused for not quite understanding the profound implications of Microsoft’s massive acquisition of the LinkedIn social network for careers and business.

Don’t be dismayed. Here at Sopris Systems it’s our job to make sure our customers make the most of new strategic opportunities related to Microsoft Dynamics, the cloud, and key Microsoft products.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says the point of the acquisition is to bring “the world’s leading professional cloud” together with “the world’s leading professional network.”

“The dream I’ve always had,” he said, “is how do we make this come together?”

The answer, according to the CEO, will drive “the next phase of growth for Microsoft

Dynamics AX Implications

How important is Dynamics AX to making that vision come true for Microsoft, its Partners like Sopris, and customers who rely upon these platforms?

On the day of the formal announcement, Nadella described Office 365, Dynamics, and LinkedIn as the “the core of what Microsoft does.”

The Microsoft CEO said one key to the deal is “how Dynamics gets enhanced with LinkedIn Recruiter, how Dynamics gets enhanced with Sales Navigator and social selling.” He said further: “LinkedIn becomes the social fabric across all of Microsoft” integrated with Microsoft Active Directory.

Nadella also praised how LinkedIn’s Intelligent Newsfeed—when coupled with projects and calendars, and artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-learning technology—will drive engagement and monetization through advertising, with a particular impact on the mobile platform.

“Cortana [the Microsoft personal assistant] wakes up,” Nadella said, “and tells you about the people you are meeting” using information from LinkedIn. He hopes these new synergies and integrated capabilities will “drive the intensity of usage.” And the Microsoft CEO sees major opportunities with LinkedIn in customer relationship management (CRM), Human Resources (HR), and Talent Management and Learning.

Dynamics LinkedIn Opportunity

Not to be outdone, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner foresees a near-future where his professional social network becomes a “social fabric seamlessly integrated” into Dynamics, Cloud, Outlook, Calendar, Office, Windows, and Skype. With 433 million users—and 105 monthly active users—LinkedIn’s leverage will only increase with access to Microsoft’s one billion users, including the 700 million using Office 365.

Weiner is convinced Microsoft and LinkedIn will “expand into business processes with Dynamics” to fulfill the social network original mission: “connecting to opportunity.”

At Sopris, we believe in the social organization and are delighted Microsoft has made such a big step into a strategic space that will only enhance and accelerate what we and our customers can accomplish.