Learn How An Integrated Solution Can Bring Improved Profitability And Predictability

Join us for an upcoming webinar on Dynamics 365 EAM, the power of intelligence and integration in an asset-intensive world.

See how Microsoft Dynamics AX EAM integrated maintenance planning, execution, and analysis helps you continuously improve your maintenance processes, reduce costs, and minimize asset downtime.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 transforms financial and operational solution strategies to combine best-of-breed ERP and EAM functional capability into a single integrated platform. This empowers asset intensive business to breakdown silos between their financial, procurement, production, projects, Human Resources, inventory, and EAM systems—giving them a 360 view into their business operations and financial performance. Seamless integration delivers real-time analysis so maintenance department can focus on optimizing maintenance performance, instead of spending time on administrative processes.

These capabilities are particularly important for asset-intensive industries. Market conditions over the last several years have put pressure on asset-intensive industries such as mining, utilities, transportation, and energy to create strategies that cut costs and deliver a better Return on Asset (ROA).

But many of these industries operate on non-integrated legacy systems that carry a high cost and deliver limited intelligence—leading to reactive and costly maintenance models. Many factors have contributed to this situation, but a major factor has been the lack of integrated solution offerings in the market.

Asset-intensive industries have a broad range of system requirements that cross operational workloads like project management, job costing, and asset management. These operation processes have a direct impact in other key areas like Finance, Materials, Procurement, and Payroll. As a result, a lack of connectivity between operational performance and corporate performance can drastically impact financial goals. This has led many companies to look at an integrated system approach to optimize the performance of plants, equipment, and facilities to provide real-time intelligence and a more predictive maintenance strategy.

According to Aberdeen Group’s Asset Management Benchmark Report, best-in-class companies “unify core systems around a single ‘version of the truth’; deliver real-time information directly to decision-makers; [and] develop optimized asset management lifecycle strategy.” In an Analyst Insight report on Asset Management, Aberdeen goes on to say: “By integrating their EAM system with other high-level business systems, such as ERP (Figure 4), the best-in-class received vital information faster and as a result make maintenance and asset related decisions quicker. An integrated solution offers enterprise-wide visibility into the complete asset lifecycle.”

What makes Dynamics 365 truly unique is its cloud architecture which takes advantage of modern intelligence such as predictive analytics, IOT, and machine learning, a game-changer for asset-based businesses by transitioning their ERP and EAM investment from a transactional management system to a system of predictive intelligence.

With this insight business owners and operation managers can transform the organization into a best-in-class industry leader. So don’t miss our Sopris Systems webinar so your organization can harness the power of intelligence and integration in an asset-intensive world.