Case Study

Los Angeles Teacher Union Streamlines Membership and Grievance Management by Leveraging the Expertise of Sopris Systems

Los Angeles Teacher Union

Like many unions, United Teachers Los Angeles faces the challenges of managing member benefits, dues, events and activities. Not having the right system in place created an administrative burden and lack of visibility on the status of individual members. Manual process and independent silos of information led to slow response times and inaccurate information. In addition, the grievance department found it challenging to manage cases and ensure proper procedures were followed. To meet these challenges, UTLA collaborated with Sopris Systems to deploy Microsoft Dynamics AX.

“With the power of Microsoft Dynamics AX and the expertise of Sopris Systems, we deployed a new ERP system and infrastructure that has created automated processes and document-access workflows. These capabilities allowed us to take a problem area and turn it into a measurable and sustainable plus for the organization.”

United Teachers Los Angeles

Key Benefits

  • Facilitates membership management and grievance tracking so end users can work more efficiently.
  • Generates 360-degree views of member information.
  • Helps ensure workflow processes comply with regulatory requirements.
  • Creates familiar user experience by enabling user profiles based on specific roles.
  • Enables key information to be easily accessed via on-demand queries and reports.
  • Delivers information automatically to dashboards and generates alerts when action is required.
  • Stores grievance documents securely and makes them accessible according to user credentials.
Case Study

Company: United Teachers Los Angeles

Employees: 700+

Region: Los Angeles

Industry: Union (Education)

United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA), established in 1970, is a union of professionals representing over 45,000 public school teachers as well as and health and human services professionals.
Business Challenge
Improve and automate workflow processing so end users could work more efficiently when managing membership information and processing grievances.
Microsoft Dynamics AX (including CRM, Membership Management and Grievance Tracking) designed, deployed and supported by Sopris Systems.