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Machine Learning & AI for Upstream Onshore Oil & Gas 2019

Digital transformations are predicted to transform the economics of upstream operations by reducing expenditures, improving maintenance efficiency, and providing a granular view of workflows, enabling more effective decision-making.  At the heart of all these digitisation efforts…lies machine learning.

Machine learning and AI applications could save the oil and gas industry as much as $50 billion in the coming decade, according to McKinsey.  Since the global oil price re-set in late 2014, companies have increasingly been looking at technology to reduce costs, improve efficiency and minimize downtime but there is still a lack of understanding of what value AI can actually create for the industry, and what cost and operational benefits it can bring.

Explore the Microsoft Cloud Platform for Oil and Gas Services

Microsoft, Sopris and Trenegy teamed up to create this webinar series for oilfield services companies.  Each event is designed to help you better understand how oil and gas services companies around the globe are transforming successfully with a platform-centric business model built on the Microsoft cloud and Dynamics 365.  Click here to begin your digital transformation journey now.