As a Microsoft Dynamics AX partner, Sopris Systems is always happy to hear that a leading market research firm has endorsed our platform for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). When we hear the research director from such a top firm has given the software a thumbs up—and stresses the importance of Microsoft partners like us—we feel even more sanguine.

So it is with some excitement that we report upon the interview by TechTarget news editor Jim O’Donnell with Gartner Group research director Nigel Murphy.

“The basics of Dynamics AX enterprise resource planning are good,” Murphy said, “the product is good, the visualization and the way that I can engage the data and the system is very good. The UI is exceptional: it’s much more flexible than many others out there in the market, so this is all good stuff.”

Murphy singled out “the warehousing and transportation functions” as “very good.”He observed Dynamics AX was developed “to be relatively generic and cross-industry, which is great in some ways. But, in other ways, [it] means that I need somebody else to fine-tune the things for my particular need. This is where the partners come in….”

That penetrating observation is music to our ears. With an “exceptional”user interface as a starting point, using a Microsoft gold partner like Sopris Systems—with two decades of experience—to build in ERP customization and flexibility across the enterprise is a no-brainer.

As for the Microsoft Dynamics AX enterprise solution platform, Murphy said that “one of the best parts about it is that freedom to be able to do stuff—it’s just that it puts a certain amount of business management or systems management control onto an organization.”

As for corporations embracing the cloud for ERP functionality, Murphy said: “It’s just that companies that were against cloud at their manufacturing and operations level, or were hesitant with cloud, that’s starting to go away. So, the more it goes away, the more a cloud-only solution seems like a reasonable idea. Before it was, ‘You don’t do on premises, so I’m not sure I want to play.’ I still think there’s a fair bit of that, but in a lot of cases, it’s becoming more accepted. It certainly is at the SMB [small business] level, so I think, realistically, there’s some opportunity there.”

Gartner gets things right in the TechTarget interview, with a sweeping understanding of what is so special about Dynamics AX in enterprise resource planning software — and why it makes good sense to use an experienced partner like Sopris Systems, particularly in a cloud-based enterprise-wide implementation.