Case Study

Innovative Approach to ERP Reduces Application System Costs by $650K

Rex Moore

In an industry steeped in tradition, new ideas can give a business a tremendous advantage. Rex Moore, a large-scale electrical contractor, had begun to implement a market-changing idea, and the company’s success led the senior management team to reforecast their needs for the future. The team then saw another opportunity to break tradition—use a different ERP system that fits the needs of the new way Rex Moore wanted to do business. With the help of Sopris Systems, Rex Moore chose Microsoft Dynamics AX to accelerate their business toward the future.

“Microsoft Dynamics AX makes our organization run better and stronger. The work we’re doing here by deploying this system will have a big impact on our future success. Our kits are what really separate us from the competition, and Dynamics AX compliments rather than hinders that strategy by supporting all the preplanning and organization that goes into this methodology.”

Rex Moore Group

Key Benefits

  • Consolidates 15 applications into a single ERP platform—saving approximately $650K per year.
  • Eliminates errors and resource time of manually transferring data among multiple systems.
  • Helps coordinate project management so construction jobs can be completed faster.
  • Provides construction-specific workflows for finance, sales, service, human resources and manufacturing.
  • Facilitates use of advanced manufacturing techniques that enable building projects in more innovative and more efficient ways.
  • Helps win bids with the costs savings that can be passed along to customers.
  • Leverages mobility to enable employees in the field to troubleshoot issues and answer customer inquiries more efficiently.
Case Study

Company: Rex Moore

Employees: 500+


Region: U.S.

Industry: Specialty Contractor


Since 1922, Rex Moore has been a family-owned and managed company, performing electrical and integrated systems engineering, manufacturing, construction and maintenance. The company has grown into one of the largest electrical contractors in the U.S. with over $200 million in annual sales.

Business Challenge

Consolidate 15 isolated applications into a single ERP platform in order to run the business more efficiently and to create operational cost savings to pass along to customers.


Microsoft Dynamics AX and Sopris Field Services—designed, deployed and supported by Sopris Systems.