Companies of all sizes are moving faster than ever before – setting up operations in new geographies, expanding services and products, and even changing course in their core business. If you are facing similar challenges, you may need a more flexible ERP solution to accommodate your changing environment.

Expect More from Your ERP Solutions

Better Insights. ERP is expanding its traditional function as a firm’s primary data repository. Organizations today need data that is more usable, more time-sensitive, and more easily combined with additional information for a richer and more complete narrative about the health of the company that they can use as the basis for intelligent decision making. They’re eager to leverage historical data about their business and customers, combine it with information from other sources, and analyze the resulting data in as near real-time as possible.

Personalized Dashboards. ERP is no longer a back office system. It has the capability to provide as much value to project management, the field and even your customers, as it does to your finance team. They want more comprehensive access to and use of this data so more employees can easily access information that’s relevant to their roles and helps them do their jobs more effectively.

Anytime, Anywhere Access. Mobility is crucial for AEC firms with a mobile workforce. And the side benefits aren’t bad either – lowering overall costs, reducing spending on traditional software, and freeing up internal IT resources to drive the company forward with more innovative technology solutions.

Better Insight. Personalized Dashboards. Anytime, Anywhere Access.

How can you move from today’s ERP frustrations to tomorrow’s vision?

Create an ERP strategy and road map. Think through how an ERP solution can best enable your organization’s business processes and strategies – not just today, but in the future.

Evaluate your ERP solution. Many organizations struggle with the idea of having to replace an ERP system that isn’t exactly broken, but it’s missing key functionality and isn’t really an enabler of better business decisions. Focus on what a new integrated ERP system with industry specific functionality and embedded business intelligence can offer and how you can leverage evolving technology strategies in your business. In most cases, the pros of making a change, outweigh the cons of a system that, if you’re being honest, no longer meets your needs.

Be open to new deployment and access models. Cloud solutions have been a major enabler of mobility. The cloud has changed how we work, where we work, and how we do business – enabling us to move faster, save money, scale on demand and integrate with our on premise apps and data. Benefits include flexibility, scalability, reduced costs, seamless extensions and easier maintenance.

With the rapidly changing marketplace, increasing complexity and client demands, it only makes sense to do a proactive thorough evaluation of your system to ensure that it has the capability to bridge the gap between businesses as usual and the trends you are seeing in the industry moving forward.

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