Case Study

Keeping ERP Clean—On the Cloud

TerraForm Power

Companies absorbing multiple acquisitions face a systemic internal challenge: how to mold and meld multiple Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems into a single, unified whole across the enterprise. With the help of Sopris Systems, TerraForm Power—a portfolio of operating companies in the clean energy space—created a simple, singular, cloud-based platform to integrate all of its global enterprises. The new solution mirrors TerraForm’s nimble culture of speed and action in the evolving world of sustainable energy.

Key Benefits

  • Produces and delivers high-quality data across the entire company
  • Lowers IT costs for supporting and maintaining ERP
  • Improves business intelligence by consolidating multiple data sources onto a single platform
  • Accelerates onboarding of new acquisitions by absorbing their ERP data and processes
  • Streamlines internal processes for producing cheaper, cleaner energy
  • Helps senior management create a meaningful return for investors
Case Study


Company: TerraForm Power (NASDAQ: TERP)



Region: Based in US with worldwide operations

Industry: Energy


TerraForm Power, one of the largest clean power-generation organizations in the world, is a diversified owner of clean power, including solar and wind assets generated in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Chile and other developed markets.

Business Challenge

Within 120 days, consolidate multiple ERP systems operated by acquired companies in several countries in order to streamline ERP IT costs and operational demand while also effectively leveraging real-time information.


Sopris Systems ERP Design and Implementation Services; Microsoft Dynamics 365.