Federal regulations like FAR and CAS can be produce real buzzkill for government contractors. When regulators are formulating their rules, they likely have little idea that the result is a grab bag of accounting software and systems across the enterprise—a mess than means every form of headache imaginable for the contractors. As companies try to fix such a godawful mess, they inevitably throw technology at the problem that just makes things worse.

If government contractors report to a corporate home office with disparate business interests, making sense of the regulatory morass can quickly get ugly. Executives can become bewildered even as their accountants want to tear their hair out. Systemic complexity is generally a guarantee for added cost and confusion for finance, accounting, project management, and information technology departments. In a business where time is of the essence, these kind of delays and disputations for government contractors answer to no known clock.

The good news for government contractors is that Microsoft Dynamics AX, along with the implementation experience of Sopris Systems, delivers a platform that works across industries and public and private sectors. Commercial and government requirements are no longer a no man’s land, as the Dynamics AX platform for government contractors delivers an ERP solution that melds government and commercial interest in a singular solution.

Why muck around with multiple incompatible solutions that make your life as a government contractor miserable. Try DCAA-Compliant Dynamics AX Solutions for midsize to large government contractors, and you’ll never look back.