At Sopris Systems, we are a big fan of the Aberdeen Group research in part because of the hard data it provides for taking a hard look inside organizations with a mind to field services implementation.

For starters, there is the obvious truth that mobile devices are everywhere: according to the latest research from Aberdeen, some 91 percent of their survey respondents report using cellphones and/or tablets in the workplace. More significantly—and more nuanced—is the finding that Best-in-Class mobile organizations are:

  • Ten times more likely to have very/extremely satisfied customers.
  • 80 percent more likely to lower IT costs.

That kind of finding posits a new era for field services, one where customers are much more satisfied and IT costs go way down.

What’s wrong with this picture? Absolutely nothing—because it dovetails with our own observations at Sopris as a Microsoft Partner implementing Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 in a field services environment, something we’ve been doing for over twenty years.

But there’s even more of a ripple effect, according to Aberdeen, when mobile field services go into effect. Consider that respondents say 71 percent of the pressure on their IT departments can be traced back to the need for increased mobile application access.

“Clearly,” according to Aberdeen, “organizations today see both a demand and a need for mobile-focused, cutting-edge IT infrastructure…. That’s right. Leveraging cutting-edge mobile technologies isn’t leading to higher IT costs; it’s actually lowering them.”

All of which makes mobile field services sound like a Christmas gift waiting under the tree to be unwrapped. At Sopris, we know better and we know how hard it can be to help our customers change the way they do business. But there’s also a simplicity to mobile device implementation equaling better customer satisfaction and high costs, as Aberdeen Group suggests.

And who are we to argue with that?