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Simplifying Mobile Apps

Mobile devices, from cell phones to tablets, are placing new demands on field services and professional services companies.  Sopris mobility enablement solutions help our clients and their customers meet growing demands for improved client experiences, real-time processing and efficient field operations.


Our mobile backend API platform enables organizations to build apps faster


Increase productivity, enhance customer satisfaction, streamline processes & more


Trusted by a growing number of enterprise customers including Fortune companies


Instant rollout with ready to use, pre-built, customizable mobile Apps

Introducing Halosys (a Sonata Software Company)

Halosys provides a single Unified Enterprise Mobile Enablement platform that enables businesses to build, secure, manage and deploy an enterprise wide mobile applications portfolio. This is achieved by building critical features of multiple mobility systems such as mBaaS (Mobile Back-end-as-a-Service), MADP (Mobile Application Development Platform), MAM (Mobile Application Management) and API in a unified platform with consistent workflows and enhanced user interfaces.

The platform seamlessly extends existing enterprise security, identity and business applications to the mobile applications. This simplifies, accelerates and ensures a reliable way to execute mobility programs at scale, with an underlying architecture that adheres to emerging mobile & IoT technology trends.

  • Integration: Pre-built Connectors For Common Business Systems (SAP, Dynamics, Oracle) & Protocols
  • Data Mapping: Map relevant data sets from the business systems to the mobile apps
  • Notification: Power SMS, Email & Push Notifications, Templates & Notifications Rules
  • Security: Enterprise Level Security Around Apps, Users, Data & Devices
  • Analytics: Rich insights into your apps, users & data
  • Management: Manage Apps, Users, Policies & Roles
  • Deployment: Private App Store & App Download Links via SMS & Email

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