The new release of Microsoft Dynamics AX enterprise resource planning (ERP) software—now available from Sopris Systems, a Microsoft Gold partner—is not only “born in the cloud,” according to InfoWorld, but also utilizes a browser-based, HTML5 user interface that promises tight links to the Microsoft Office user interface and opens the door to even more hybrid implementations.

“We’re really enthusiastic about what Microsoft is doing in ERP,” said Sopris Executive Vice President Matt Pfohl. “The new release shows they’ve been doing a great job of listening to customers and partners.”

Microsoft Dynamics AX GM Christian Pedersen announces new ERP platform release.

“The new Dynamics AX breaks the paradigm of legacy ERP business applications,” said Microsoft Dynamics AX General Manager Christian Pedersen. “This is a cloud ERP service…built on and for the Azure cloud. It delivers a beautiful, intelligent UI that people love to use. It has contextual analytics that comes with the solution helping people make better and faster decisions.”

Built on and for Microsoft Azure, the new Dynamics AX ERP release is available in 137 markets in 40 languages. Microsoft Microsoft Cloud and Enterprise Executive Vice President Scott Guthrie said at the announcement last month that the release was “an exciting milestone extending Microsoft’s business cloud offerings.”

He stated further: “It’s now possible for organizations to run their entire business in the cloud with Microsoft—from productivity with Office 365, to business analytics with Power BI and Cortana Analytics Suite, customer engagement with Dynamics CRM, and business operations with Dynamics AX.”

Within the Azure cloud, Dynamics AX comes with improved security, global availability, and global scalability allowing organizations to literally work from any location without sacrificing data sovereignty requirements around the world.

“It has contextual analytics that come with the solution,” Microsoft’s Pedersen said, “helping people make better and faster decisions. It offers scalability and the global availability of the cloud” through partners like Sopris Systems. “In essence, this is a game changing ERP service that people love to use; it is fast, flexible and is designed to grow as the business grows.”