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Sopris Assurance®

Our technical proficiency is outstanding, but it’s our industry and business acumen that set us apart.
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All Sopris projects leverage the Sopris Assurance® methodology to ensure successful business outcomes. As a hybrid methodology of classic Waterfall and Agile best practices, Sopris Assurance represents the learnings of more than 200 implementations.

Through a set of pre-defined deliverables, roles and responsibilities, the methodology leverages a strong governance model, documents the required deliverables by phase, and places a heavy focus on risk mitigation. We also apply a six-step process to create clarity in how project objectives will be achieved:

  1. Business Case: Sopris works with our clients to develop a business case to quantify the value proposition for the solutions we deliver. As a result, our clients are able to envision the “to-be” state while improving the definition of the project objectives.
  2. System Orientation Sessions: To equip project stakeholders with a foundational understanding of how a new system works, we provide targeted orientation sessions to each functional business area. This step equips stakeholders to contribute to the requirements definition with a common foundational understanding on the new system.
  3. System Requirements: In the next step, Sopris transforms the functional requirements into a succinct listing in order to prioritize and manage it further. Each requirement will have its own documented acceptance criteria—ensuring solution quality when delivered.
  4. Sprints: Borrowing from the Agile methodology, the Build Phase is composed of multi-week Sprints, where a portion of the requirements backlog is delivered and demonstrated to the stakeholders. This ensures the solution comes to life incrementally over the course of the project.
  5. Sprint Retrospective: At the end of each multi-week Sprint, a facilitated lessons-learned session is conducted by the Sopris Project Manager. This process-improvement step includes client stakeholders and establishes a venue for 100% transparency while also maximizing collaboration opportunities.
  6. Operational Assurance: Prior to the actual go-live date, the Sopris Project Team will define a set of tasks to orient the Sopris Support Team to the specifics of the client’s implementation. Key members of the project team remain allocated to support the implementation for a period of 45 days following the go-live. This ensures a smooth transition to Sopris Assurance Support.

Sopris Assurance was designed by a Six-Sigma black belt. The result is a process that eliminates waste and non-value-add tasks that are inherent in many other methodologies.

Field service automation systems

Optimize and Expand Field Service Offerings

This restaurant equipment services company turned to Sopris Systems and Microsoft Dynamics to help create an integrated solution that connects supply chain, field service, and ERP workflow processes.

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