There are literally thousands of consultancies and value-added resellers that make a living selling, implementing and supporting a relatively small number of business applications. Some are lifestyle businesses and others are global systems integrators, but the one element they all have in common is a working knowledge of the business applications they represent. What most partners are missing, however, is a deep vertical expertise that goes beyond the proverbial industry list on their web sites. This is the Sopris Difference.

It has been our experience, that no single attribute of a partner, more closely correlates with successful implementations, than deep industry expertise. And this belief has been validated by the growth rates and customer satisfaction that Sopris Systems has been able to attain over the last decade. Understanding the major challenges and opportunities that our clients face, and how today’s technologies can play a part in addressing these, is the corner stone of our business model.

Sopris made a strategic decision years ago to focus on companies where we had proven over time we could deliver a sustained competitive advantage. We set our sights on project based firms, asset intensive companies and companies with a field service component to their business. Once we made this commitment, it started driving all our business decisions.

  • We realized that we needed more than a happy industry customer base, so we started recruiting consultants directly from the industries we support.
  • We knew that our implementation processes needed to mirror our clients’ requirements so we created Sopris Assurance.
  • We knew we needed to fully understand industry trends, so we got involved in industry associations and spent time with their thought leaders.

Soon, we had established ourselves as the leading provider in our segments for mid and lower enterprise business applications in the Microsoft ecosystem.

The industry experience we bring to the table manifests itself in many ways for your clients. The first thing they notice, is we don’t show up asking junior questions about their business – we don’t learn on their dime. We are able to share, in most cases, how best-in-class companies in their industry segment are using technology to materially improve business performance. We can show a services company how to better deploy their assets, how to better manage their projects and how to deliver a connected field service capability. The insights we bring to the table mean shorter implementations and shorter time to value for our clients. They mean less surprises, greater predictability and better client outcomes.

Today, we only take on client work that is in our sweet spot. – projects we know, based on our experience, we can meet or exceed our client’s expectations. Focus and discipline are the keys to our success, and the keys to our clients’ success too. That’s the Sopris Difference.

Best Regards,

// Matt

Matt Pfohl, EVP Sopris Systems


With a focus on developing enterprise strategies for ERP, CRM and FSA, Matthew Pfohl has more than 20 years of business consulting and software experience for Fortune 500 and startup companies. Prior to Sopris Systems, he spent several years in executive positions—raising capital and managing startup companies ranging from real estate to software and consulting. Matthew also helped develop ERP practices for American Express and ePartners. He began his career in sales and marketing in Europe and has held several top executive positions in major companies in the US. Matthew earned a Bachelor in Political Science at Rollins College.