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Managed Testing Services go beyond function and specs to agility, process coverage, reusability and automation.
Testing and Quality Assurance for Dynamics 365 Cloud

The evolving business models and market dynamics of today are adding to the growing complexity of the business environment, in which customer satisfaction reigns as the key process driver.

A relative aspect, customer satisfaction has been, however, identified as a measure that is impacted by critical operational attributes that include quality consistency, service efficiency, operational excellence, and cost efficiency. The traditional approach to customer satisfaction that emphasized on the quality of the product is being discarded, and organizations are shifting towards a more holistic approach to ensuring quality in product, process, as well as experience.

With comprehensive testing models being adopted to ensure consistent monitoring of product quality, the focus has seen a shift from just ensuring the product functioning and specification towards agility, coverage of the process, tool optimization, reusability, and automation. When individual departments or business groups within organizations focus on the quality processes individually or with an external vendor, the approach to quality from an organizational perspective appears fragmented.

Organizations are now moving toward taking a more managed approach to quality monitoring by instituting independent testing or quality functions or partnering with vendors to provide managed services.
Sopris Managed Testing Services model draws from its cumulative experience of executing testing engagements and brings all testing services under a single umbrella to help customers achieve their quality goals.

Test Engineering Model

A holistic approach to ensuring quality is to implement a model that focuses on all the key aspects of test engineering including process maturity assessment, knowledge management, test management, and sustenance engineering.

Our approach to Test Engineering focuses primarily on ensuring a continuous improvement in the process maturity index. Assessed periodically, the maturity index is arrived at using our quality assurance (QA) assessment model, Q-Check, which evaluates the setup based on 15+ predefined attributes, which include automation, reusability reporting depth, process coverage, and execution efficiency.

Managed Testing Services

Evolved from an independent testing approach, the managed approach that we take to testing focuses on providing testing services over a wider spectrum of technology, tools, domain, and applications.

Supported by a comprehensive, metric-driven, builtin governance model, the managed approach helps organizations to optimize their overall operational costs and enhance process efficiencies by adopting a centralized, integrated approach to tool implementation and asset reusability.

A managed approach driven by a need to centralize testing operations helps organizations dealing with a fragmented approach toward achieving quality management. It supports a wider tool and technology spectrum with tool customizations and integrations, process standardizations, governance with a metrics-driven model, and leverages internal expertise and experience as reusable assets and knowledge blobs.

Automate Processes through Advanced Machine Learning

We are helping our clients to make operations efficient and reduce time & effort by automating processes through advanced algorithms and machine learning models. We analyze the data patterns and apply relevant models to recommend possible course of action for our clients.

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