Architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) companies around the world are challenged with information overload, growing complexity, and increased risk and compliance concerns. Client demands and internal collaboration needs are driving the demand for more sophisticated tools to deliver the right information to the right person at the right time throughout the project life cycle. However many firms today still operate in a series of silo systems and processes that lead to poor performance and a difficult client experience. Delivering service quality and profit in professional services requires tight coordination between clients, partners and delivery teams which can only be achieved through integrated business processes and applications.

According to Service Performance Insight (SPI) Professional Services Benchmark Report, which has surveyed over 10,000 professional services firms including AEC firms, as a business matures “organizations must move toward a more balanced focus on all elements of the business by investing in systems, operating processes and repeatable methods to sustain growth and ensure quality. They must implement structured business processes and utilize integrated information systems to assure there is one view of the business” As you can see from the data below “as firms move from manual solutions (spreadsheet or paper-based) toward integrated and single user-interface solutions, performance improves.”

To achieve these type of results firms must implement formal change management practices to transform a silo culture into a culture of collaboration; standardize business processes to create efficiencies and delivery of consistent client experience; and integrate operational and financial management systems to create a 360 degree view of clients and projects to facilitating better decision-making.

To help companies create better integration between their customers, partners, and employees, Sopris Advanced Project Management software along with Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP, provides an unified operations and financial management solution to help firms integrate their organization in real-time to improve companywide collaboration, eliminate waste, and deliver a customer-centric project delivery model.

Advanced Project Management for Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP offers proven capabilities that meet highly-specific AEC industry needs. These capabilities help your company provide fast response and improved service, streamlined processes, and internal procedures that create a truly integrated project delivery process.

Join Sopris Systems for a discussion on how AEC firms can leverage an integrated project delivery processes to more effectively manage projects and deliver better performance throughout the project lifecycle. See firsthand a demonstration of Advanced Project Management for Microsoft Dynamics AX.

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