“The Times They Are A Changin.” Those famous words by Bob Dylan in 1964 could not be truer today, especially in the business application space and certainly in the energy and utilities Sector. We’ve been in the business for over 20 years and just in the last few years we’ve seeing a lot of changes. One of the most pervasive is the way our clients want to engage with us.

Just a few years ago our clients often looked to Sopris Systems to upgrade a legacy system or deliver some new integrated technologies. We still do that work but today, but the context of our engagements is different – our clients are demanding more than modernized technologies. Today, companies in the energy and utilities sector as well as other field services driven companies are coming to us with very specific strategies they’re trying to advance. We’re having much better conversations, earning better projects and delivering more value. Clients want us to help them figure out how to drive change and deliver incremental business value, whether their goal is to improve EBITDA, employee retention, customer satisfaction, service metrics or whatever.

We start with a business case, and I’m not talking about documenting business requirements. The business case is really understanding the strategy and how we intend to measure business performance with various analytics.  We typically look at many areas of an organization from business development, to quote-to-contract, to planning and delivering projects and ultimately service contracts. On the financial side, we look at key challenges and opportunities that affect revenue and profitability.  For many of our clients in the services business, labor and talent are hugely important.

Energy and Utilities Sector definitely a’changin

We’re seeing some of our most interesting projects today in the Energy and Utilities space – a space we’ve invested in heavily over the last 10 years. That market is facing a variety of internal and external threats and massive opportunities with emerging technologies, customer sovereignty and new green power sources coming on line. Competition in this market requires new business models that can simultaneously reduce costs and enable innovation.

To learn more about the challenges and opportunities we’re running across in the Energy and Utilities space, check out the latest Sopris Systems whitepaper: Breakout Technologies Helping Energy and Utilities Companies to Innovate and Thrive in 2018.

Energy and Utilities Sector Whitepaper Download

Reach out if you like the whitepaper and would like to explore this topic in greater detail.  Microsoft also has some fantastic information on growth technology in the energy and utilities sector worth exploring.